User Experience Design: Ensure user loyalty by providing a superior experience for your product

Offering a great user experience in your product is no longer an option, it has become the main standard and basic expectation of most users; The smooth and simple user experience makes a profound impression on the user of the quality of the product or the professionalism of the service you provide, prompting them to use or order again. Knowing your target audience and their basic needs ensures you guide your effort to the right place to develop your product.

User Experience Design is, in essence, the feelings and attitudes a person feels while using a particular product, system or service, and all the contact points around him.

To provide a unique user experience in your website; You need to understand users’ need for the product in the first place, look for motives behind this need, and offer a design that fits these impulses and works to achieve them as easily as possible. And to provide a simple and distinctive use experience for your product; You need to understand the relationship between the user and your product or brand, analyze the current user experience and infer its weaknesses.

At the analysis stage, the main problems that your product may suffer and prevent it from achieving the desired results, and appropriate solutions are therefore proposed based on its type, and the way users interact with it; With the aim of improving the user experience, then working on a design that shows the final shape of including these solutions and testing the new usage experience with a class of users for your product to determine the effectiveness of these solutions and modify them if required. After confirming the results of proposed solutions with users, these solutions are developed and implemented in the product, and pushed to all users, to show the results of this effort in the form of revenue and profits for your product.

When do I need user-experience-as-a-service?

You should seek my assistance once you need to:

  • Increased interaction with the site or app
  • Increase visitor conversion rates to customers and subscribers
  • Specialization and excellence in the market with a distinctive experience
  • Update the user interface of the product
  • Shorten time and effort on users to carry out a particular task
  • Include new features and features of the product.

The importance of this service is that there is always a problem that prevents users from achieving their goals from using the product; The more complicated the user experience is that users run away from you and go to your competitors, like what happened with Snapchat when introducing a new, more complex user interface in 2018 and lost more than 7 million users shortly after that because of it!

Researcher Jodie Moule says in her book “Killer UX Design” that “simplicity is the key to changing users’ behavior”; Most of the time, products target specific categories that their pain points can be identified, detected, as well as their needs and desires. Once these elements are understood and matched with the problems that have emerged in the product, they ensure the design of an exceptional and successful experience that makes users’ lives better and easier, and this is exactly what ensures their loyalty to you, your product, and your brand.

The benefits of requesting my User Experience Design service:

  • Increase visitor conversion rates to clients and increase current users’ loyalty; It is unlikely that they will go anywhere else if they find your product that offers a better experience than your competitors.
  • Increase usability, effectiveness and satisfaction of users.
  • Reduce the operating costs of the product; The easier the product to use the lower the need for the support team, which means more profit.
  • Increase users’ productivity by helping them accomplish tasks faster.
  • Achieve a distinctive impression of your brand in the market.

Success stories of projects that used my User Experience Design service:

  • I helped adjust the various design elements of Arageek website, which increased the site’s rating in search engines and led to a 13% increase in visits (200,000+ visits) per month.
  • Helped design the “Warkittens” game interface and raised the ratio of users to 1,000 players and active users of the platform.
  • Assisted in the success of the Lulwa Moda store project and the smooth transfer of sales from Instagram to a new integrated site.

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