Lulwa Moda – Abaya Boutique

A boutique for custom made Abayas by Kuwaiti fashion designer Atharie Al Zufairy, whom is a talented fashion designer with unique style and large audience on Instagram.


#1 Ordering Through Instagram Is A Hassle

Users on Instagram send their measurements to have an abaya tailor-made for them in an unorganized way most of the time. This results in incorrect information reception and causes a low conversion rate.

Problems arise as soon as clients contact the designer. Delivering abaya measurements is not a straightforward task.

I organized the required measurements in the detailed view of the abaya to Main measurements, height, shoulder and chest. And Secondary measurements, abaya type, Sheila size, and notes for the designer to keep in mind when tailoring the abaya. This organized the required measurements from the users; and made dealing with them by the designer easy without wasting time going back and forth among inaccurate information.

Dividing and collecting measurements in a logical manner allows easy handling and clarity in providing information.

#2 Instagram’s Profile Gallery Is Unpractical For Viewing Abaya Quality

Instagram displays photos and images in a square container. Even though most of the platform users have no problem with it, it’s not practical at all for highlighting abaya’s features where the subject is a tall one piece of female clothing.

Instagram’s gallery is not the best option to showcase an abaya.

While displaying images of abayas in a traditional eCommerce template, the display was worse than Instagram, as images were displayed in a wide rectangle that cuts the model and the abaya in unpleasant way. The solution was to create a long rectangle container to display the entire abayas without cutting or hiding anything. With a slight zoom-in movement while hovering over them.

Tall container to view the shape and material of the abaya in a better view than Instagram’s.

#3 Searching For A Specific Abaya Is Difficult On Instagram

Abayas vary in terms of shape, material, type, and color. Instagram does not allow searching within user accounts, so a search and filtering system had to be created to help make it easy for users to find specific abayas that fits their needs.

It’s difficult to search for abayas in the profile.

The hashtag system was used to overcome this problem, as it is easier to implement on the site than to add filters that may not contain more than two or three elements. Plus, it is also an easy and familiar system for users coming from Instagram.

Tags were used in a #hashtag form to categorize abayas as it’s simple and familiar with users coming from instagram.

#4 On Instagram, Post Descriptions Are Extremely Limited

Instagram does not give the advantage of formatting texts to display the details of the abaya in a more organized fashion, and it is often difficult to show key features and of the abaya.

viewing abayas on instagram is not very practical.

To solve this, I had to design an attractively simple detailed view page to display the abaya in its utmost beauty. To achieve this, I kept the rectangular container theme and made sure to make it more visible in the page. Also, converting the gallery into a vertical bar to display all the abaya pictures in a clear and easy way to interact with it.

Displaying abayas in its full glory.

Interface Design

Design Elements

An overview of the colors, fonts, and icons used in the design and how they compliment and interact with each other to create a distinctive user experience.

Lulwa Moda Design System

Website Design

The site is designed according to E-Commerce standards. This insured fast development cycle and modification, while enabling easy access and handling of the site content by the admins.

You can interact with prototype from this link:

Responsive Design

You can interact with prototype from this link:

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