Portrait of Ahmad Ragab

Ahmad Ragab

Digital Product Designer – UX Expert

I help early-stage startups establish and grow their businesses through strategic and impactful design decisions that fulfill business needs while offering effortless usability for end-users.

My story

Before I became a UX Designer, I first worked in design in 2009 as I casually learned Photoshop as a hobby to edit and combine pictures. My Photoshop hobby was initially limited to copying and reproducing some artworks on Facebook and other websites, but then I began working on small graphic design projects such as designing business cards, logos, and banners for local companies. During this period, I gained extensive experience in graphics; I learnt how to layout design elements, as well as the art of using type and applying colors.

It all remained a hobby for me until late 2016 when a friend suggested that I undertake a UX Design Course in the design of web and app user interface and user experiences. It was a brief yet highly informative course, and it excited my curiosity around the field, especially with regard to the user’s interaction with the product, not only the visual element, which tends to be the focus of most graphic design projects.

I immediately commenced my web design training on a daily basis; for 2 consecutive weeks, I’d design an entire website every single day. I kept on this till I quickly gained enough experience, which qualified me to start offering my UI UX design services commercially as I landed the first of my UX designer jobs in the same year.

My Experience

Over the span of 6 years, I helped design and improve more than 100 digital products, including the UI/UX design of Software as a Service (SaaS) products, websites, and applications. I also worked as a UX designer for ERP tools, as well as dashboards, and desktop software for Windows and Mac.

Throughout my work with clients from different countries and cultures, as well as my constant interaction with developers, I gained the knowledge and skills to offer the best practices of UI and UX for digital product design, while utilizing state-of-the-art tools and technologies. This has helped me reduce the cost of some projects by more than 60% and increase user interaction with some services by over 1,200%!

ARAGEEKMarch 2022→ Present
BLOOM.PMFebruary 2021→ August 2021
MILESTONE APPSJanuary 2020→ December 2020
ULTIMATE SOLUTIONSSeptember 2019→ February 2020
SANED.SAJanuary 2018→ December 2018
AWAMER ALSHABAKAHDecember 2016→ August 2017

My clients

Over the last 6 years, I had the pleasure of assisting many distinguished clients in my capacity as a user experience designer. I offered my UX design services to companies inside and outside the Arab world that operate in various sectors, including healthcare and fitness, real estate and travel, and oil and energy. I also designed experiences for online restaurants and delivery apps, as well as education and training companies, auto services and car maintenance businesses, and many more. I always seek to explore new and innovative ideas for my work, and I try to offer technical solutions that aid my clients’ growth and popularity.

University of London (Egypt), Arageek, Saudi Ministry of Health, TEDx, El Mohamady, Bloom, Ultimate Solutions, Ya Schools, Diet Dish

My Methodology

As a digital product designer and UX expert, I make use of top global well-proven design frameworks in my approach in order to design highly effective digital products that achieve targeted business goals and offer an exceptional UX journey to users.


I begin each project by taking the role of a UX researcher, looking into the capabilities of this project, listing all available specifications and features, and thinking about ways to make the most out of them. I then research competitors, analyze their ways of work, elicit new patterns from their approaches, and contextualize them to fit the project scope.


I conduct surveys to identify the most-fitting end users, and I interview those users. I directly ask them what products they currently use, and what they would expect from a better product.


In this stage, I collect data from the Research and Interviews stages, and then I deduce from that data the most useful features and specifications. I then work on facilitating their usage patterns to the furthest level.


I start this stage by drawing a prototype of the design and presenting it to end users during interviews. I also record their reactions while interacting with the prototype for later analysis. I then keep reiterating on the prototype based on users’ direct feedback and observations, until I reach a level where they do not face any difficulty while performing the various tasks of the prototype.


At this stage, I conduct the final user interface design of the project, link all pages together, define the interaction animation and transitions between users and available elements on each page, and display the different cases of each element.


After delivering the final UI design, I follow up with developers in the programming phase in order to provide any needed assistance or clarification regarding the design and interactions.

My Skills

Creative Thinking

Offering valuable solutions to difficult issues in the user experience.

Design Systems

Product evolution over time for long-term high performance.

Interactive Design

Linking the transition between various pages and clarifying the state of elements on each page.

Data Analysis

Summarizing available information into the most useful info for the project.

Attention to Detail

Ensuring continuity and consistency in all project aspects.


A global high-efficiency project management and product development methodology.


Visual communication to explain creative ideas that can be useful for the project.

High Speed

4 times as fast as other designers!


Comfortable communicating and interacting with cross-functional team members.

My Tools

I use a powerful set of the top tools in the industry, fitted for a digital product designer, to offer the best results for products and projects, and also to facilitate the development process for programmers through providing them with all necessary development resources.

List of tools used by Ahmad Ragab
Figma, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Blender, Adobe Illustrator, Webflow, Adobe InDesign, Zeplin, Adobe After Effects, HitFilm