Concept Testing: make sure there’s market demand for your idea before implementation

Every idea feels like the greatest idea ever until it’s hit by reality and grounded by measuring public appetite for purchasing or using such an idea. That is why you must always do Concept Testing before you get all excited and reach out to software houses and agencies, designers, and developers to implement your idea. Don’t get yourself into immense commitments, paying large sums of money and then waiting for months to see your initial product come to light, until you take a few precautions to be sure that the market needs whatever product you end up building. You don’t want to find yourself having to taste the bitter truth that no one actually wants to use your product.

That is why I am offering Concept Testing as a service. Concept testing is a research method that involves asking your potential customers questions about your initial concept/idea before you start working on building it, or at least before you go to market. This way, you can measure your customers’ acceptance of your product and their willingness to use or buy it. This research will be the foundation upon which you make critical product decisions while you still can.

Concept testing takes different forms depending on what exactly you are testing. Are you trying to find room for your new app in a competitive market that is already crowded with similar platforms? Or is your aim to test a new feature in a site that is already running and serving countless users? Either way, concept testing typically deploys surveys and questionnaires, with the occasional use of focus groups and direct interviews with a handful of potential users. Surveys are designed to allow us analyze users’ sentiment towards your idea in anticipation of how they will likely react to it. Once your potential users fill in the survey, we use the collected data to determine whether or not people are interested in buying your product or using your service.

When do I need concept-testing-as-a-service?

You should seek my assistance once you need to:

  • Develop new products/services.
  • Create a landing page design.
  • Test a new logo, or a new visual brand identity altogether.
  • Test the market’s reaction to your pricing, offers, and packages.
  • Test advertising and marketing campaigns.

The practicality of this service comes from the objective reality of how market acceptance and customers’ actual demand fulfillment are necessary for a potential product to be the top-selling in its market. According to a McKinsey report, 25% of annual total profits across industries comes from newly launched products and services that meet both market and user needs. Having assisted numerous clients concept-test their nascent products, and due to the ever evolving consumer trends and dynamics, I now firmly believe that the process of achieving product-market fit precedes project implementation by a mile when it comes to importance!

The benefits of requesting my Concept Testing service?

  • A flexible solution that lowers your costs and allows you to make better investments by allocating your resources correctly.
  • Actionable insights to make the right design and development decisions for your product or service, and steer clear from costly consequences.
  • A pre-product quality inspection before you even have to start the product development cycle. Concept testing can also be an ongoing testing process to maintain consistent product quality and ensure user retention over time.
  • Aiding your fund-raising efforts to get support and financing for your project at an early stage.
  • Helping you understand your customers and your product users and enabling you to build effective relationships with them.

Success stories of projects that I used my Concept Testing service:

  • I helped Warkittens figure out the size of demand for their idea of a browser-based online game backed by NFT rewards.
  • I created a dashboard for Willow-Labs that predicts the impact rates of natural disasters on property value, as well as determining the effectiveness of this dashboard in the market.
  • I created a prototype for a desktop language learning while playing video games “LLWG” that has been tested with users who were willing to try it.

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