The design of digital products in the Arab world My meeting in Strategy With Hanan stream.

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I had the pleasure of sitting down with Hanan Khashan on her strategy show to discuss UX design and the Arab world.

Hannan is a well-known and consistently active LinkedIn member. I enjoy reading her marketing updates and am impressed by the success she brings to her clients.

Some highlights of the stream included:

  • What are digital products
  • What makes successful digital products
  • Digital product development procedure
  • The role that design plays in a project’s ultimate success
  • Challenges facing entrepreneurs and startups in the Arab world
  • Why products fail in the Arab market
  • Why it’s crucial to create Arab-friendly digital products
  • The current state of the Arab market and projections for the near future.

as well as answering some of the viewers’ questions.

Visit this LinkedIn link to view the a recording of the stream:

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