Usability Testing: Raise your product efficiency and effectiveness to realize your marketing campaign promises

Do you have a site or app that is up and running, and users can visit or use it, but they do not interact with it in a way that ensures that they stay with the product and are turned into continuous customers who profit from using it? This is due to usability issues with the product’s experience and user interface, which give a negative impression of it – even if it works without technical issues – and cause users to abandon it.

Usability testing is when you ask people to use your website, app, or other product without being told to and watch how they act and react. This is done by keeping track of how they use the product and looking at how often and why they get confused when doing a certain task in the product. Example: Adding a product to the purchase basket and starting the payment process You may experience users reaching the payment page and then escaping without completing the order. Here comes the usability testing, which looks at how the user interacts with the page, finds the flaws that cause the problem, and suggests ways to fix them.

The primary factor in usability testing is your product’s users, who are likely to reveal problems that people familiar with the product can no longer identify. In-depth knowledge of all product details can often blind designers and marketers to usability problems. The service begins with planning and identifying the main problem of the product, hiring the right users to record their interactions during their use of the product, analyzing these recordings to identify the areas of confusion they encountered, and then providing a detailed report on the optimal solution to these problems and how they are included in the product.  

When do I need usability-testing-as-a-service?

You should seek my assistance once you need to:

  • Find and fix any problems with the product or service design.
  • Make it simpler for users to complete tasks in your product that demand a lot of time or effort.
  • Boost user engagement with a key component of the product.
  • Improve the speed at which users can complete a given product function.
  • Identify the preferences and behavior of the target user to enhance the product.

The goal of the usability test is to find places where people get confused and find ways to make the whole user experience better. This service tests every part and module of a website or app and gives stakeholders and developers a detailed report on suggested changes. Your product’s user interface must be clear and easy to use, and usability testing is key to success.

The benefits of requesting my Usability Testing service:

  • During the usability test, get real feedback from your target audience who already uses the product. Don’t rely on random people who won’t use the product.
  • Find usability problems before putting the product on the market.
  • Boost the product’s effectiveness and user satisfaction.
  • Provide solutions to problems that appear on the test to enhance the user experience.
  • Checking that users’ expectations are met.

Success stories of projects that used my Usability Testing service:

  • I helped change the “WasfaGo” app’s user interface to be more in line with how people use it. This raised the app’s overall rating on app stores from 3.8 to 4.6.
  • I helped “Ultimate Solutions” restructure and redesign its website to better inform users and highlight its goods and services. In a year, sales increased by 18%.

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